Muscle Energy Technique for Pelvis, Sacrum & Spine – Learn Medical Sports Orthopedic Massage

Muscle Energy Technique is one of the most effective and gentle manual techniques for the correction of somatic dysfunction. MET uses accurate assessment techniques to discover if a joint is stuck out of alignment. Then the practitioner positions the patient and asks for gentle resistance bringing the joint back into alignment, and the tight muscle relaxes. This technique can be incorporated easily into any treatment protocol, and is an excellent addition to any practice. This beautifully produced two hour, 20 minute DVD covers the pelvis, sacrum and lumbar spine. Specifically, this DVD includes corrections for a pelvis upslip, downslip, rotations, inflair and outflair and public bone dysfunctions. Also covers Sacral rotations, and unilateral flexion/extension dysfunctions. Instructor, Tom Ockler PT has extensive teaching experience throughout the United States, Canada, England and Australia.

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