Best Physical Therapy Center + Sports, Aquatic, Massage, Bryan/College Station TX Peak Performance in Motion is an outpatient physical, aquatic, and massage therapy center serving the Bryan Station and surrounding areas in Texas. Peak Performance in Motion also provides sports medicine for high school and college athletes who have undergone sports injuries from playing football, basketball, soccer and other sports. We provide accident and injury rehabilitation to provide pain relief and physical improvement. Our Aquatic Therapy is done in a heated and climate controlled pool. Peak Performance in Motion strives to provide the highest quality standard of Physical Therapy services, working in a close relationship with all staff and physicians for the most comprehensive, personal and effective patient care possible. Peak Performance in Motion is committed to the highest level of excellence, innovation, integrity and ethics. Headaches, back & neck pain, chronic pain, muscle sprains, ligament sprains, fractures, muscle tightness, recovery following strokes, imbalance & gait issues, general weakness, recovery following joint replacement surgery, therapy following surgery, work injuries, motor vehicle accidents, myofascial release, manual therapy techniques Areas Served: Anderson, Bedias, Benchley, Bremond, Brenham, Bryan, Burton, Carlos, Cawthon, Cooks Point, Caldwell, Calvert, Cawthorn, Chappell Hill, Chriesman, Clay, College Station, Cottonwood, Courtney, Cross, Deanville, Easterly, Edge, Franklin, Gause, Gay Hill, George

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