Geriatric Massage: The Next Advancement in Massage Therapy Part 2 When caring for a loved one who often feels isolated and lonely, may or may not suffer from age related health complications, the use of geriatric massage may be the key to unlocking a new lease on life. Using a licensed massage therapist, usually within a spa setting, your loved one will experience a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. And, for those loved ones who are unable to leave home, using geriatric massage, in the home, is equally as effective. With over 50 schools providing licensing in massage therapy, locating a massage therapist, who can perform geriatric massage in the home, is as simple as making a phone call. As the baby boomer population enters the most crucial health period of their lives, it is the healthcare sector that will, most likely, suffer the greatest shortage of supply to the demand of our aging population. With services such as geriatric massage, we can care for our loved ones, as they age, and provide therapeutic benefit to not only their physical structure but also their emotional and psychological well being.

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