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Lizzie asks…

Sports Massage .?

I am looking at booking myself onto a Sports Massage course early next year, but wanted to see just how popular Sports Massage is before committing. Your opinions and experiences on Sports Massage please.
Thank you all. Putting this to public vote as good answers all round.

admin answers:

Therapeutic Massage overall is growing and will continue as people understand its value. Check out schools thoroughly .. I have found privately owned schools to be much better in many ways, the corporately owned schools really are stuck on the money, get em in, get em out..
Why limit yourself to ‘sports massage’ most courses should show you a full range of massage modalities. Find out what your area requires in terms of hours to get certified or licensed. Many states are requiring a Nat’l Certification and 500 hour minimum
Good luck email me will more questions.

Donald asks…

sports massage?

does anyone know where i can have a sports massage in telford shropshire?

admin answers:

Try the phone book.

Answered By: Fares Al-Sagri


Maria asks…

How much does a professional sports massage therapist make?

I’m a massage therapist in Albuquerque and considering making a big move to another city to progress my education in sports massage specifically. I was wondering, how much money on average does a sports massage therapist make?

admin answers:

There is no right answer for this, because there are so many factors involved! Sports massage can range from $60-$100 hourly, it depends on who and where ad when you are working on them. If you have your own equipment and will travel to a sports arena or team facility you generally charge more hourly. It will also depend if you work for yourself, or a company. You could also work at a hospital or chiropractor, or sports therapy or rehabilitation center where you would probably get paid hourly or commission but you wouldn’t have to generate your own clients at first. You could also work for a private sports team, NFL, NBA, etc but you would have to contact them and work out the details. Some therapists travel with their teams to games, that could be an option. You could also work a gym or athletic training facility. Good luck and I hope you go for it!

Mandy asks…

What exactly is sports massage and how does it differ from ordinary massage?

I dislocated my knee in December and I was braced in a split for several weeks.

Ive been having physiotherapy since January, as I had a lot of muscle wastage and couldnt bend my knee or walk.

I’ve done really well but I still have a bit of stiffness and bit of pain in my groin (cough). Could sports massage help please?
Thank you for your replies so far.

It’s not for sport, just for improving my general mobility.

admin answers:

“Sports massage is a particular branch of massage that focuses on relieving skeleton-muscular tension and returning the muscles to a loose, relaxed state. Sports massage techniques provide a number of important benefits to athletes. Since they regularly train their muscles hard for peak performance, and then go out a push their bodies to the limit and beyond, they are prone to constant and chronic injuries. Sports massage helps to prevent some of those injuries, as well as speed up recovery time and relieve extreme muscle cramping and tension.”

Chris asks…

Whats the difference between sports massage and normal massage?

I have been told that i would benefit from sports massage (although I dont do sport)

For my back and shoulders

whats the difference and is it more expensive??

admin answers:

The 2 main differences between a sports massage and a “normal” massage (you’re probably reffering to a swedish massage) is the relaxation aspect and the desired outcome.

A swedish massage is meant to relax the client utilizing calming strokes and moderate to light pressure (although some therapists like myself prefer to use a firm pressure as a default). Every therapist is different and has their own style, but the main goal is to relax the client and provide a soothing session where some clients may even fall asleep.

A sports massage is more invigorating and the goal is to prepare, treat and maintain the athlete. It is geared toward athletes, but anyone who is athletic or workouts often may benefit from this. Sports massage is broken down into 3 main groups:

Pre-Event – quick, energetic techniques are used to enhance an athlete’s warm-up. This will increase circulation, stimulate the muscles and increase flexibility and range of motion. This reduces muscle pain and soreness and preps the athlete for their performance.

Post-event – a more calming technique is used to aid muscles in returning to their natural state. This can also bring the athlete down from the adrenaline of performing. Circulation is increased to aid in elimination of toxins to prevent muscle soreness, fatigue and spasms.

Maintenance – this uses different techniques to aid an athlete throughout their training. Myofacial release, neuromuscular therapy, orthopedic sports, pnf stretching all help keep an athlete in top shape. Some techniques are used to aid during certain injuries as well.

I don’t suggest you get a sports massage if you are having back and shoulder issues. A deep tissue massage would be more beneficial, but make sure you focus on your breathing as this can sometimes be uncomfortable. And always let your therapist know if the pressure is too much for you to handle.

Hope this helps!

Ken asks…

How to find a reputable sports massage school in USA?

I’m thinking of taking sports massage therapist course in USA but don’t know which school to choose. The thing about me is that I’m currently working as a sports masseur & sports trainer with my local sports council but to work in US as a sports massage therapist, I need to get a license but I’m seriously don’t know which school to choose especially there’s so many out there.

admin answers:

My massage business is based out of a gym and my main focus is sports massage, deep tissue, NMT, MFR and stretching. Unfortunately, I didn’t really have a “one-stop shop” when it came to learning these. When I was in massage school, we had classes that taught us all of these but it was really just the tip of the iceberg and it was up to me to expand my knowledge in these fields and to practice, practice, practice.

Although sports massage is getting more popular in the US, there are no schools dedicated to it as far as I know. In your situation, you will want to do some research on the state laws and requirements needed for you to become a massage therapist in whatever state you plan on working/living in. Some states require an exam to receive a license, some require a fee to get certified and others have no laws requirements.

You do have a one up since you are already practicing sports massage but you can always take workshops, online courses and dvds for more education.

Once you know the state laws governing massage, you can do a search on www.ncbtmb.org to find a reputable school.

Hope this helps!

Thomas asks…

i really want to be self employed sports massage therapist i am qaulified but need help on where to start?

i am a level 3 sports massage therapist having been qaulified for three years now , i have a few regular clients i have tried clinincs but they are rent a room. i want to know can you make a comfrotable and be secure with money to move out etc with being self elmpoyed in the massage business?

admin answers:

How good are you, what contacts do you have, do you have a viable business plan…impossible to answer a ‘piece of string’ question like this – sorry!

The following websites give advice on new business startups, tax etc and might be better placed to give you practical advice than people reading your question:



Good luck!

Michael asks…

Sports equine massage and pet horse massage, difference?

I am interested in pursuing equine massage. I’ve seen many training programs offering training on sports massage for high quality horses, but I want to know if that kind of certification or training is also good for providing services to those with pet or pleasure horses? Or is sports massage different from maybe another type of massage you’d give a pleasure horse?

admin answers:

It is really the same. You have to check to see if you need to be licensed as a massage therapist first in your state. Some places are creating regulations for animal massage therapists because there were cases of people with no training working on them and hurting them.

David asks…

hi i am a sports massage therapist and looking to start buisness?

i am a sports massage therapist and want to start my own buisness , someone gave me vistaprint.com to advertise and she said it gave her clients and now she makes a living out of it.? what do i need to do and shall i do this aswell. it 10 pound a month?

admin answers:

I’d say if you’re welling & able to give it a go then try it out!! All you’ll probably need to do to get started is go to www.vistaprint.com and click on ‘Advertisement’, and from there is should be self explaining.

Hope it works out for you!!!!

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