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Natural Remedies for Sciatica

Natural Remedies for Sciatica

by Aneron Kepasil

Sciatica is a painful condition that occurs when the root of the sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in the body, becomes compressed. The sciatic nerve has its beginning in the spinal cord near the buttock and hip and extends all the way down the leg and into the foot. Any feeling derived along the hip, leg and foot is due to impulses from the sciatic nerve. Likewise, any compression, damage or inflammation to this nerve can cause pain that radiates all the way from the lower back down the leg and into the foot.

Many people have found relief from their sciatica pain by consuming large amounts of potassium. Potassium can be found in many foods including bananas, potatoes, and oranges. It has been found that sciatica patients who consume postassium-rich foods experience less pain than those who do not eat foods rich in potassium.

Some info on sciatica reveals that one of the most successful treatments for sciatica pain is to exercise. You can release some pressure on the affected nerve roots by stretching. There are also several back exercises that will help you to relieve the sciatica pain if such pain is not overwhelming. You can also find detailed sciatica exercises online that can help you overcome the sciatica pain. It’s not recommended to stay in bed when you have sciatica pain, you should at least stretch your legs and back.

Bed rest is often prescribed for sciatica although it is not clear there is any actual benefit to healing sciatica. However, some patients find the pain is so debilitating that movement is impossible. Bed rest with brief periods of gentle physical activity may be more effective. Some doctors prescribe specific exercises. A good bed with appropriate lumbar support, with a change in sleeping position eases the agony for some people. Lifting the knees, perhaps with a pillow, is immensely helpful.

Symptoms that push patients into investigating how to cure sciatica are numerous. These include a sharp and deep-seated pain that starts in your lower back and shoots through your hip and leg when making certain movements. Numbness or muscle weakness in either buttock or leg can be a sign of sciatica. Pain in the hip, lower back or legs that increases after standing or sitting for some time is another symptom. Anyone who has difficulty moving or controlling their legs or feels a tingling sensation of pins and needles up and down either leg should be examined for sciatica.

There’s another natural solution to sciatica problems: Sciatol. If you think prescription drugs are not working for you anymore you should try it. Sciatol is a natural supplement that helps you support and maintain a healthy spine, nervous system, and sciatic nerve. Now that you are familiar with info on sciatica problems youll know that this natural product can help you. Sciatol helps you to reduce pain, swelling, and discomfort. Sciatol also helps you prevent muscle spasm while maintaining a smooth mobility of joints. You should try it!

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Sciatica Treatment

Physical Therapy Assistant – a Rewarding Future

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John Stephen asked:

A physical therapy assistant is one who assists a physical therapist in providing physical therapy treatment to patients. Physical therapy assistants usually perform physical therapy proceedings as instructed by the senior therapist. They assist the senior therapist in managing conditions such as sprains and fractures, back and neck injuries, burns, arthritis, stroke, amputations, multiple sclerosis, injuries related to sports, birth defects and others. It is the duty of the physical therapy assistant to gather information regarding the patient’s response to the treatment and describe the outcome to the supervising therapist.

Physical therapy assistant jobs promise a rewarding future. These jobs are increasing in demand day by day, and physical therapy assistants have excellent career prospects.

Physical therapy assistants are required to have:

• An associate degree from an accredited physical therapist assistant program.

• A valid license proving clinical experience is an added advantage.

Physical therapy assistants work in various healthcare settings such as private hospitals, physical therapy offices, nursing homes, community healthcare centers, home health agencies, rehabilitation centers, industrial health centers, research institutions, and pediatric centers, among others. They are also required in colleges, sport teams and organizations.

By specializing in a particular clinical area, physical therapy assistants can advance their career. They can work as directors in the departments, in areas they are specialized in. They can also advance to administrative positions where they organize all the assistants in a physical therapy organization. Physical therapy assistants can opt for a teaching profession in accredited physical therapist assistant programs. They can take health fitness classes for the public.

The salary of a physical therapy assistant depends on the position, degree of education, years of experience, practice setting and geographic location. To reduce the expense of physical therapy services, assistant therapists are very much required by physical therapists. Due to the increasing demand, physical therapy assistants have a good chance of a rewarding future with high remuneration and benefits.

Physical Therapy Guide – 3d Physical Therapy Treatment for Chronic Low Back Pain

Pain affecting the lower part of the back characterizes the common condition simply called low back pain. Usually, low back pain goes away after a few days or weeks. You have acute low back pain if you have been experiencing pain for less than six weeks. However, if the pain …

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Careers in Massage Therapy

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Through 2016, outlook for careers in massage therapy is expected to be very good; primarily because the benefits of massage are gaining notoriety in the natural healthcare industry.

For example, if you would like to become nationally certified, you must locate a massage school that provides 500+ hours training in massage therapy.

Unlike other healthcare professions, massage therapists have a broader scope of working environments from which to choose.

Traditional work settings like hospitals, physical therapy clinics, and nursing homes commonly have positions for licensed bodyworkers; however, professional massage therapists have the option to work in spas, massage clinics, and fitness centers, among others.

Due to the increasing interest in natural and alternative health modalities like massage and holistic health, chances are that careers in massage therapy will continue to grow to meet consumer demands.

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Physical Therapy Guide – 2e Consider a Career in Physical Therapy

A career in Physical Therapy is one of the more rewarding vocations one can choose. A physical therapist aids in the healing of debilitating injuries with the use of therapeutic exercises and activities in that will strengthen muscles, relieve pain and assist the patient to function normally once again. This …

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What is Neuromuscular Therapy?

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It is drug-free and predominantly hands on non-invasive manual medicine that focuses on the effective treatment of pain and changes in sensations treating not only the musculoskeletal systems but also with a unique focus on treating fascia and myofascial trigger points.

Neuromuscular Physical Therapy offers a unique holistic (whole body) approach to health care.

Neuromuscular Physical Therapists do not simply concentrate on treating the problem area, but use various manual soft tissue manipulation techniques to bring balance to all the systems of the body, through neuromuscular and fascial interventions in an effort to provide a foundation that encourages a return to or maintenance of good health and wellbeing.

The philosophy of European Neuromuscular Physical Therapy is what sets it apart from other complementary medical disciplines.

Neuromuscular Physical Therapy is the ideal complement to primary health care professionals and General Practitioners (i.e Medical Doctors) work.

Exercise and Nutrition expert John Sharkey MSc is the director and founder of European Neuromuscular Physical Therapy.

Neuromuscular Therapy is also established in North America (i.e American Version) but differs significantly from the European style.

With the best ones, students enjoy the fact that they have access to some of the world’s leading authorities in the area including eminent lecturers such as Leon Chaitow and Judith DeLany.

The combination of continuing education and professional status will offer the reassurance which the public demand before a course of treatment commences.

Patients will be able to verify the professional status of therapists using an on-line licensing register.

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Physical Therapy Guide – 32 What Kinds Of Physical Therapy Work For Arthritis? 9

Patients with arthritis in our practice are often referred to physical therapists during the course of their management. One question I often hear from patients when I suggest physical therapy is, But, why cant I do exercises at home?
So the big misconception here is that physical therapy is just a …

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Sports Massage – An Athletes Tale

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For years I followed a basic regime and set out my own training schedule to target a particular run, however it wasn’t until I started using sports massage that I realised I’d been missing an important element in my training that soon raised my standard quite considerably.

Sports massage uses a number of specialised techniques and has helped my performance and hopefully prevented a lot of injuries.

It also helped me overcome a particularly painful calf muscle injury I suffered a few years ago.

Some injuries do need specialist treatment from a doctor or physiotherapist and a good sports massage therapist will advise you of this, but for day-to-day niggles, aches and pains sports massage is definitely the way to go.

Also, as I’m not a professional athlete and can’t afford (and probably don’t need) a coach or full-time physio, I find sports massage to be a cost I can bear and a therapy that I can benefit from.

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Massage Therapy May Be Just What You Need!

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They get relax and unwind while having their bodies massaged and pampered.

You have stopped and watched people get their back, shoulder and neck rubbed, but never thought it would be of any benefit.

Massage therapy is used to help treat painful ailments, decompress tired and overworked muscles, reduce stress, rehabilitate sports injuries, and to promote general good health.

This is all done by manipulating a person’s soft tissues.

Before beginning a massage therapy session, therapists conduct an informal interview with the client to find out about the person’s medical history and desired results from the massage.

This gives therapists a chance to discuss which techniques could be beneficial to the client and which could be harmful.

Because massage therapists tend to specialize in only a few areas of massage, customers will often be referred or seek a therapist with a certain type of massage in mind.

Reblog this post [with Zemanta] Featured School of the Week August 12, 2007: American Institute of Massage Therapy

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CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd asked:

If bodywork and related natural healing modalities suit your liking, then the American Institute of Massage Therapy (AIMT), situated in picturesque Pompano Beach, Florida may be the right educational path for you. Presenting a tri-level, 18,000 square-foot facility, AIMT applicants can choose from its flexible day and evening programs in massage therapy, colon therapy, or continuing education in massage therapy and other natural healing therapies.

The 720-hour massage therapy program currently exceeds the 500-hour requirement set by the State of Florida. In AIMT’s massage therapy program, students begin with 168 training hours in anatomy and physiology, 300 hours in massage practicum (case assessment, cryotherapy, Swedish Practicum, massage theory, etc.), and 100 hours of various health classes including CPR, colon health, HIV/Aids overview, and nutritional instruction. Further training involves essential business, communication and marketing skills; as well as numerous massage modalities like hydrotherapy, craniosacral therapy, aromatherapy, structural integration, sports massage, Trager Therapy, Rolfing, reflexology, among several others. In addition to hands-on training, AIMT offers real-work experience to students as they must complete 45 hours of hands-on massage therapy in an on-campus clinic. Upon successful completion of this in-depth program, graduates receive a diploma and are eligible to sit for the National Certification Exam.

American Institute of Massage Therapy’s 100-hour Colon Therapy Program can be completed in six weeks and is a great supplement to any practicing massage therapist’s client services. This particular course of study includes training in colon therapy theory, anatomy and physiology, pathologies, natural health principles, equipment and sterilization techniques, practicum and general business studies.

Supplementary studies offered through AIMT include natural health continuing education courses in energetics, Lomi Lomi, sports massage, prenatal and infant massage, spa treatments, chair massage, among others.

Career services extended through the American Institute of Massage Therapy lends support to students and graduates through counseling, developing job marketing skills, and employment referrals. Furthermore, the Institute’s online career services resources gives students and graduates outlines and templates for resumes, cover letters, business planning, and more.

If financial assistance is necessary, the American Institute of Massage Therapy participates in several financial assistance programs including Veteran’s benefits through the VA, the Federal PELL grant, Federal loans, and other financial aid programs.

Boasting a 97 percent pass rate on the National Certification Examination for Massage and Bodywork, AIMT is Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT) and licensed by the Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education; and is also a proud member of several area Chambers of Commerce including Broward, Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale.

If you haven’t yet decided which Massage School in which you’d like to enroll, take this opportunity to review the American Institute of Massage Therapy and attain the skills and education to become a successful massage therapist or colon therapist today.

Featured School the Week: American Institute of Massage Therapy

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Massage Therapy Careers: Rewarding Professions in Natural Healing

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Find Massage Therapy Careers in the United States and Canada. Candidates seeking massage therapy careers discover that a great deal of training and education goes into becoming a professional massage therapist. Students drawn to this natural therapy should possess an outgoing personality, effective communication skills and an entrepreneurial desire for success.

Massage therapy careers are on the rise as more and more clients and patients are turning to alternative and complementary medicines to combat common health disorders and conditions. For example, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, part of the National Institutes of Health, has ongoing clinical trials and studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of mind-body medicine as a complementary healing system (so often facilitated by those in massage therapy careers).

In addition to spas, salons, chiropractic clinics and medical facilities, massage therapy careers can be found in non-traditional healthcare settings – such as resorts, cruise ships, airports, convention centers, hotels, racetracks, and other sporting events.

Individuals must first, however, acquire appropriate training and education from one of several massage schools, colleges or universities to gain entry-level massage therapy careers. General training encompasses anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage and sometimes, sports massage. While standard training entails a minimum of 300-500 classroom hours, some programs well exceed 1,000 hours. In addition, a number of massage colleges provide degreed massage therapy courses.

Students seeking massage therapy careers can also apply to advanced training programs in myofascial release therapy, craniosacral therapy, lymph drainage therapy, Tuina, chair/corporate massage, medical massage, among other subject matter.

Overall, massage therapy careers are comprised of natural healers and massage practitioners who have a strong desire to help others. In addition to having a meaningful profession, persons who have successfully met all academic and training requirements can expect ample job opportunities – according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, massage therapy careers are on the rise and expected to grow throughout the coming decade. Furthermore, professional massage therapists can earn well over $30 an hour.

If you (or someone you know) are interested in finding massage therapy careers, let professional training within fast-growing industries like massage therapy, cosmetology, acupuncture, oriental medicine, Reiki, and others get you started! Explore career school programs near you.

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Physical Therapy Guide – 1a Pilates And Winsor Pilates 9

The idea of Pilates and its controlled movements to tone certain body areas and maximize your inner core while using your mind to help you identify key body points was first invented by Joseph Pilates. This has become much more than that in past years and one such method is called Winsor Pilates. Invented by […]

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Finding A Massage Therapy School

sports therapy
You decided that you really hate your current career and that you want to go back to school to become a massage therapist.

The public demand for alternative approaches to health care has helped to make massage therapy one of the fastest growing professions in the natural health care industry.

There will always be fly-by-night organizations ready to take your money and to give you a piece of paper certifying that you are completely trained.

You should remember that you can not be certified overnight and as with any type of training, you need to make sure that the massage therapy school you select is accredited within the state where you live or where you plan to work.

There are more than 80 different types of massage-some of them include the Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, acupressure, sports massage, and neuromuscular massage.

Massage schools will teach you the basics of these and other types of massage, but individuals usually focus on 3-5 specific types and primarily give that variety.

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Sports and Fitness Courses

sports therapy
Even though some other degrees can lead you to a sports and fitness career, there are still some sure shot sports and fitness courses that will help you be successful in a sports and fitness field.

A degree in sports management will provide you the business knowledge you need to apply in the sports business world.

Having a degree that is accordance with exercise and physiology will give you an advantage in the fitness community and can get you accepted for certain fitness positions.

With an exercise and physiology degree, you can be a personal trainer, team trainer or doctor, a sports nutritionist and so on.

Other sports and fitness courses also include diploma of fitness, diploma of sport, and diploma of remedial massage.

Many of ACNT’s fitness courses are unique in that they offer dual qualifications bringing together qualifications from two nationally recognized training packages.

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Physical Therapy Guide – 62 Secrets of Treating Bad Knee Cartilage – Improve Your Knee Support & Help Reduce Pain

Bad knee cartilage is the worst! – Maybe you can relate? Young or old, man or woman, it does not matter, bad knee cartilage can really put a damper on your activities of daily living, no to mention any sports you would like to play! If you can relate to this information, then this article […]
Read more… Featured School of the Week October 1, 2007: Helma Institute of Massage Therapy

sports therapy
CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd asked:

Prepare for an exciting career in bodywork by taking a comprehensive diploma course in clinical massage therapy or the certificate program in professional massage therapy at the Helma Institute of Massage Therapy, located in Saddlebrook, New Jersey.

Providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills to take the National Certification Exam in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCTMB), the Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma Program at Helma Institute of Massage Therapy includes crucial studies in anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology, hygiene, CPR, and first aid. In addition, core training is comprised of a vast assortment of bodywork therapies including chair massage, prenatal massage, reflexology, Shiatsu I and II, sports massage, hydrotherapy, and Medical Massage I and II.

Additional education and training in this 1,000+ hour Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma program entails neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, body awareness through movement, myology, business and marketing, professional ethics, and massage law (NJ).

Another popular career-training program offered at the Helma Institute of Massage Therapy is the six month (600-hour) course in Professional Massage Therapy. Practical training in this course of study includes fundamentals of therapeutic massage, anatomy, physiology, pathology and kinesiology, not to mention hands-on instruction in chair massage, prenatal massage, reflexology, Shiatsu and sports massage, among others.

Need financial aid? No worries. As an accredited educational institution (accredited by ACCSCT), Helma Institute of Massage Therapy participates in a variety of financial assistance programs including the Federal Pell grant, Federal Stafford Loans, New Jersey Workforce, among other financial aid options to students who qualify. Another draw is that Helma Institute of Massage Therapy arranges tours (or open houses) to interested applicants, as well as a complimentary massage.

If you are interested in pursuing a healing arts career in massage therapy, schedule your personal tour with Helma Institute of Massage Therapy today and begin your path toward success as a professional massage therapist.

Featured School of the Week: Helma Institute of Massage Therapy

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Trigger Point Therapy – A Unique Health Treatment

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If you’ve been experiencing pain in your joints or muscles lately, and have not gotten any relief from creams or medicines, trigger point therapy might help.

This kind of massage is designed to treat the precise parts of the body that are ailing you, and your massage therapist might be capable of providing regular treatment to help you maintain your health.

The trigger points are frequently located in the center section of the muscle, or the place where nerve endings meet.

So, when you’re getting a spa massage, your massage therapist should be able to implement mild pressure, which is also an injection of CO2 (carbon dioxide) to your muscle to relieve any pain virtually instantly if done right.

You can also experience relief from various conditions such as migraines, mock carpal tunnel syndrome, and mock sciatica, and additional conditions that are making you have pain but mightiness have been diagnosed incorrectly.

Because trigger point therapy is more of a therapeutic or medicinal practice when it comes to massages, your massage therapist will in all likelihood integrate other massage styles, such as sports massage or possibly Swedish massage into your trigger point therapy sessions so that they will relax and soothe the muscle and nervous system, as well as better your mood and incorporate aromatherapy components into your massage as well.

The process will alleviate contraction in the muscles that might induce cramps or swelling, and a compress will be placed on your muscles when you are bending your joints or contracting your muscles for the most ideal results.

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Massage Therapy Diploma: Achieve Yours!

Find Massage Therapy Diploma programs in the United States and Canada.

Today, prospective massage therapists can apply to one of numerous healing arts schools or colleges to acquire necessary skills and education to effectively administer a variety of massages.

As with any career field, it is critical that prospective candidates enroll in a quality massage therapy diploma or certificate program to successfully master necessary skills to meet and/or exceed job requirements.

Most massage therapy diploma programs provide minimum academic standards ranging from 300 to 500 training hours; however, a growing number of alternative medicine schools and technical colleges have begun offering more in-depth courses that lead to both massage therapy diplomas and degrees.

Students who have completed a 500-hour massage therapy diploma program are eligible to take the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) certification exam.

While these are general massage modalities, some massage schools provide more advanced training in a broader array of massage techniques including Thai massage, Shiatsu, Tai Chi, Tuina, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point therapy, among several others.

As a natural healer, massage therapists provide a beneficial health service to others; and as a profession, massage therapists have the ability to earn respectable wages* in an ever-expanding field.

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Physical Therapy Treatments – Specialized Geriatric Physiotherapy

sports therapy
Diseases and medical conditions hat require physical therapy abound in older people, and though such cases are not easy to handle, the results when good, are reward enough.

This field is known as geriatric physiotherapy.

A number of problems affecting the older population have been identified and are treated by geriatric physiotherapy.

The disorders covered by physiotherapy for older people include, but are not limited to, arthritic disorders, pulmonary disease, joint replacements, cardiac diseases, cancer, balance disorders, incontinence, Alzheimer’s, pulmonary disorders, strokes and osteoporosis.

A range of techniques such as water therapy, electrical stimulation, physical exercise and several other methods can be employed.

The last category of physiotherapy methods treat problems related to the skeletal structure.

Diseases which affect the bones, such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, require specialized treatments as patients have little resistance to injury and physical exercise is difficult and painful.

Often the elderly will take the assistance of physiotherapy to better perform their normal functions.

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7 Steps to a Perfect Sports Massage

By Bodytech Sports and Massage Therapy Clinic  Stoke on Trent


  • Massage all of the suffering muscles. The muscles employed during the sport should be concentrated on during a sports massage.


  • Begin gently. Warm the muscular tissues up by kneading them gently. You’ll be able to then apply heavier stoking motions when the muscles are accustomed the pressure.


  • Work the muscles. Kneading motions utilize deep pressure about the muscles and assist them to fortify and mend.
  • Step4
  • Uphold the pressure. Whilst rendering a sports massage, you should keep implementing substantiated pressure along the full muscle to allow for it to fully benefit from the sports massage.


  • Use rotary motions. Massaging the muscles in a circular apparent movement is advantageous since the trend facilitates to reach every surface area of the muscle.


  • Give massages frequently. In order to mend traumas, increase tractability and get rid of lactic acid, a sports massage had better be given frequently. Gentle rubs down could be applied each day and deep massages ought be performed at the least once a month.


  • Recover. After giving a light rub down, the athlete could get back to the field of play almost straightaway. Whenever you use deep techniques, the muscular tissues need to take a day to recover.

For More Details Contact

Bodytech Sports and Massage Therapy Clinic Stoke on Trent

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Physical Therapy Guide – 38 Pronation: What Is It And How Much Is Too Much?

Over-Pronation is a common and damaging medical problem. Pronation is a turning outward of the foot at the ankle, so that one has a tendency to walk on the inner border of the foot. If left untreated, pronation may cause many painful ailments such as heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, frequent ankle sprains, shin splints; and […]
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Therapeutic Massage Research Findings

Massage in Frankfurt, Germany
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Research on massage therapy, and its benefits, goes on to demonstrate that it lowers heart rate, reduces blood pressure, step-ups endorphins, and the circulation of blood and lymph fluids.

Whilst massage doesn’t step-up muscle strength, massage could gain muscle tone.

Therapeutic massage likewise aids the body’s homostatic functions thereby diminishing the amount of time required to recuperate after physical exertion or injury which is frequently induced by muscle stiffness (rigidity).

Massage assists in keeping the correct amount of fluid circulating between muscle cells, and in rehydrating dehydrated fibers.

Stress-related disorders comprise between 80-and-90 percent of the ailments that get people to family medicine doctors.

I consider massage therapy is utterly key in the remedial process not just in the hospital surroundings simply because it alleviates tension, it’s evidently foundational in the curative process any time and anyplace.”

In the past century research upon the benefits massage therapy has yeilded a lot of real favourable findings.

There’s research demonstrating that Office workers experienced less tension, underwent enhanced alertness and expanded performance, whilst acquiring regular massage sessions.

College student, in New Jersey, massaged prior to an examination demonstrated a substantial reduction in anxiety and respiration rates.

It was likewise discovered they had a measurable step-up of their leucocyte count and in the yield of T-cells so crucial to the immune system.

After undergoing therapeutic massage a group of cancer patients felt reduced pain and anxiousness.

An university field of study discovered that mothers who had recently endured the death of a baby, got reduced levels of clinical depression after undergoing therapeutic massage.

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