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Geriatric Massage: The Next Advancement in Massage Therapy Part 1

vibraboard.info vibraboard.info vibraboard.info In health spas across the country, massage therapists have seen an increase in services to a specific population sector. In the elderly population, the need and desire to receive a specific type of massage therapy has become increasingly popular. Known as geriatric massage, massage therapists, and their associated spa facilities, are experiencing a phenomenal increase in business and health within their communities. Geriatric massage is a specific massage technique used to treat the most common of ailments in the elderly population. Most often used as a preventative form of therapy, senior adults are benefiting from improved blood circulation and maintained range of motion with the application of geriatric massage, at least, once per week. www.associatedcontent.com Additionally, for those senior adults who do suffer from age related illness, such as Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, diabetes and even heart disease, the use of geriatric massage is improving the circulation of lymphatic fluid and blood, thereby improving these conditions naturally. And what about the psychological impact of geriatric massage? Because many senior adults, today, live in isolation, feeling depressed and lonely, geriatric massage is providing a way for the elderly population to reach out to other individuals and engage in not only physical stimulation but also psychological and emotional support and stimulation. www.balancedhealthtoday.com www

Bariatric Products for the Physical Therapy Clinic

This can cause a challenge for physical therapy clinics as they must have available special equipment in order to provide the same level of care to obese patients as their average sized patients.

Here are the recommended essential bariatric products for the physical therapy clinic treating obese patients.

Normally, it would not be a problem to fit a patient with these items if they are of an average size and weight, but if you have an obese patient it’s difficult to safely fit them with any mobility devices that will not cause them pain or fail to provide adequate support.

Beds and Support Surfaces When treating the obese patient in the clinic or providing in-home care, there is a great need for a bed, tables or support surfaces that can support their size and weight.

Treatment may occur at home and the patient should have enough support so that their back and neck are not having extra strain put on them as the result of leg and arm exercises.

Floor Scale When an obese patient presents for treatment, it can be difficult for them to be weighed to see how they are progressive with their weight loss following bariatric surgery.

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