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Active Engagement Techniques with Whitney Lowe (31 Minutes)

www.americanmassageconference.com Music www.asomassagemusic.com Interviewer www.spalutions.com Interviewee www.omeri.com Hosted on www.massagetherapyradio.com Edited by: www.massagenerd.com Whitney Lowe is a recognized authority on pain and injury treatment with massage therapy. His contributions to the massage field are wide-ranging and include, professional publications, teaching, clinical work, consulting, and participation in national boards and committees. He is the author of the books, Orthopedic Assessment in Massage Therapy, and Orthopedic Massage Theory and Technique, which are used in training programs and schools nationally and internationally.

Learn Orthopedic, Medical Massage, Physical Therapy – Assessment of The Lower Body Video on DVD.flv

Learn classic assessment techniques for the ankle, knee, hip and spine. Lavishly produced and filled with beautiful 3-D animations that show exactly which structures are involved. Alan will walk you through a logical progression of testing that will reveal the underlying pathology with crystal clarity. Each section is divided into Subjective Assessment, Observation, Tests, Special Tests and Palpation. This includes tests such as passive range-of-motion, active range-of-motion, strength tests, nerve conduction tests, spinal facet joint assessment, knee meniscus assessment, ligament tests and more. 140 total! You will also learn what questions to ask, and exactly what the answers indicate. Each assessment is clearly demonstrated and explained, so you can quickly apply the techniques to your practice!

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome: One of Several Possible Causes of …

Understanding the physiology behind the pain can lead to effective treatment measures.

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Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome: One of Several Possible Causes of …

Therapeutic Massage Business — Great Opportunity Business For …

She would consider staying longer on a part-time contractor basis to see clients. Reason For Selling: Owner is pursuing a degree and other career interests. KEYWORDS: Massage , Therapy , Medical, Therapeutic, Spa, Sports Medicine, …

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Therapeutic Massage Business — Great Opportunity Business For …

Sports and Fitness Courses

sports therapy
Even though some other degrees can lead you to a sports and fitness career, there are still some sure shot sports and fitness courses that will help you be successful in a sports and fitness field.

A degree in sports management will provide you the business knowledge you need to apply in the sports business world.

Having a degree that is accordance with exercise and physiology will give you an advantage in the fitness community and can get you accepted for certain fitness positions.

With an exercise and physiology degree, you can be a personal trainer, team trainer or doctor, a sports nutritionist and so on.

Other sports and fitness courses also include diploma of fitness, diploma of sport, and diploma of remedial massage.

Many of ACNT’s fitness courses are unique in that they offer dual qualifications bringing together qualifications from two nationally recognized training packages.

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