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Michael Hachey of Eclipse Wellness explains Neuromuscular Therapy

Michael Hachey is the owner and head therapist of Eclipse Wellness. Eclipse Wellness is a muscle therapy clinic located in the Galleria area in Houston Texas. We specialize in the assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of muscular and other soft tissue injuries. We practice various forms of massage therapy such as: Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Acupressure, and deep tissue sports massage. We also utilize therapeutic exercises, muscle activation techniques, and various forms of stretching such as PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Faciliation) and AIS (Active Isolated Stretching) when necessary. We treat all types of people and injuries, from Soccer Mom’s to CEO’s and recreational athletes to Olympic medal winners. Anyone with muscle tension, whether acute or chronic, will benefit from our therapy.

Sports Massage Techniques for Treating Jumper’s Knee (Patella Tendinopathy)

Sports massage is beneficial in treating most soft tissue injuries. In the case of jumper’s knee (or patella tendinopathy / tendonitis) frictions can be applied to the tendon itself, and lighter techniques to loosen the quads can also be used.

Should You Consider Sports Therapy After An Auto Accident?

Sports therapy after a car crash ought to be an auto response.

You can think you’re fine later that day, but when you wake up the next morning or more than one days later, you feel like you can’t move. The tame manipulations to restore the spine to remainder arent painful and patients can commence sentiment relief right away. When they do appear, they may cause stiffness, ache and stress. Galore of the dissimilar therapies your sports therapist can use when youre injured in an accident include tame spinal manipulations, trigger point therapy, hot and cold therapy and tens (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). While its most mutual for individuals to worry more in regards to their car before they worry in regards to themselves, whether or not youre in a car crash, please take the time to see your sports therapist.

They may support you with your insurance company and with filing claims. Its necessary to include sports therapy care in your recovery regimen after an automatic accident to support prevent this. Theyre happy to work with your attorney, other doctors and the insurance companies involved as much as is necessitated to support you recover from your accident. Whiplash symptoms: neck ache shoulder ache headache low back ache blurred imagination difficultness swallowing ringing in the ears fatigue or weakness nausea dizziness irritability vertigo some sports therapists specialize in patients who just had accidents. Whether or not you need additional care, they may refer you to medical specialists.

The soft tissue injuries can persist for long periods of time without the right care and treatment. Who will check to see whether or not you suffered any injuries and advise you hence. Long-run difficulties can cause secondary issues to happen suchlike osteoarthritis. Injuries from automatic accidents may be tricky. A sports therapy examination are going to be capable to find any injuries you have suffered.

It can in truth take a week or more before you find yourself with symptoms. They may support with a good deal of difficulties that stem from an accident so you won’t require to see your medical doctor for additional x-rays and ache medication. Whiplash and a good deal of other car collision injuries ordinarily impact the spine. They may show you exercises to support with any ache and uncomfortableness. Automatic accidents cause a good deal of types of injuries, and a good deal of of them don’t show up right away.

Sports Therapists are trained to work with the skeleton and soft tissue. They perceive that the injury to your neck or back may throw your muscles into a state of inflammation as they undertake to pay for the injury. Theyre trained to cope with traumatic injuries and make you having little impact. Theyre happy to work with your other physicians in creating a treatment plan that will work best for you and your recovery.

Most of these sports therapists are available on an emergency basis, so you may get your x-rays and examination as soon as possible. Seeing a sports therapist after an accident can similarly assure your other medical bills are lower. Soft tissue injuries like whiplash many times don’t appear without delay. They may notice injuries and support you get them healed. They recognise how the bio-mechanics of the body ought to work.

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