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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome And Massage Therapy

You could have a condition known as Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.

Massage Therapy and Bodywork are very effective in treating conditions arising from muscular and connective tissue abnormalities.

In my San Antonio, Texas based Massage Therapy and Bodywork practice I often treat pain from various muscular and nerve entrapment syndromes including the supposedly rare Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.

Like many painful conditions Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome responds quite well to treatment by massage therapy and bodywork.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is the name of a painful nerve entrapment condition, in which the posterior tibial nerve is placed under abnormal pressure by the connective tissue forming the tarsal tunnel at the inside of the ankle and the other structures in that space like tendons from lower leg muscles.

Pain from Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is usually found in the ankle, heel, and sole of the foot.

These causes include direct blunt trauma to the inside of the ankle near the tarsal tunnel itself; ankle sprains of the inner ankle are a common cause of this syndrome; and, this syndrome may also be caused by overuse and/or repetitive stress of the flexor muscles of the lower leg especially when fallen arches and/or over pronation is present.

The massage therapist could also use Myofascial Release techniques or Deep Tissue Massage techniques to release adhesions between the flexor retinaculum forming the tarsal tunnel and the tissues passing through the tunnel while also using muscle Energy Techniques to gently lengthen the same muscles to reduce tension in the tissues.

It is not meant to provide a medical diagnosis, only a licensed physician may diagnose Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.

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