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Too Ripped? Awesome Sports Massage for Back Pain, Tight Muscles, Poor Posture

Visit our website: www.psychetruth.net Too Ripped? Awesome Sports Massage for Back Pain, Tight Muscles, Poor Posture In this free video, Sports Massage therapist, Ron Vaughn, is demonstrating some sports massage techniques to relax and unwind the muscles so the chest and pecs can loosen and open up, freeing the spine to move into its natural position. This video is Part 2 of the series on back massage, it focuses on the back, shoulders, traps, and arms. Poor posture and a slouched, slumped back can contribute to a wealth of physical dysfunction and pain in the back, hips, butt, thighs, legs, arms, shoulders, neck, hands, and well… you get the idea. In this video, Christie Powell, head of physical therapy at Catz Austin, explains how poor posture can cause low back pain and other issues like carpal tunnel and sciatica. This video and the rest of the series will give you easy tips and exercises to alleviate pain and discomfort. Often when we are sitting at the computer, watching TV or movies, playing video games, and driving, we slump into poor posture and a curved spine. This exerts pressure throughout the entire body and over time will severely weaken the shoulders and back so that sitting correctly becomes uncomfortable. The only way to improve posture is to begin changing your habits and to try and get in the habit of reminding yourself to sit up straight. A posture-buddy at work is a great idea so you can keep reminding each other, or you can set a timer or alarm on

Why Orthopedic Massage and Sports Massage are so valuable to Athletes Part 2

Learn Massage in hawaii at www.alohamassageschool.com in Maui, Hawaii Orthopedic massage aims at treating pain related conditions affecting soft tissues of the human body. The therapists focus is essentially on the problems affecting musculoskeletal systems of clients. They release tight muscles, decompress joints and stretch shortened muscles and tendons aiming to restore the body to a physically agile state. Since orthopedic massage can be applied to treat medical conditions, a therapist needs extensive training so that no harm is caused to the client. http

Aerobic Fitness And Chiropractic

Aerobic Fitness And Chiropractic

by Dr. Jason Fowler

We think mostly of chiropractic treatment in terms of lower back pain, neck pain, and headaches. In fact, there are numerous additional wide-ranging benefits to chiropractic health care. Many of these benefits are related to getting more out of our exercise activities.

For example, aerobic exercise improves cardiovascular function.1,2 As a result, during periods of rest the heart rate is slowed and the ability of the lungs to take in air (vital capacity) is increased. A slower heart rate means the heart is working more efficiently. Increased vital capacity means the lungs are working more efficiently. Fewer heart beats per minute and fewer breaths per minute result in reduced “wear and tear” on these critical systems. Aerobic exercise makes us healthier.

When we have stress, our muscles get tight. Occasionally this tightness is prolonged, and the normal mobility of our bones and joints is compromised. Reduced mobility of the spinal column creates a spiraling effect of tight muscles, tight ligaments, and further loss of mobility in the neck, middle back, and lower back. We experience pain in these areas as a result.3

These patterns may persist. We all know people who have frequent neck pain or lower back pain. These patterns of pain and limited mobility may result in changes to the normal curves of the spine. Normal curves may become flattened, and these changes result in further discomfort, muscular tension, and pain.

Most importantly, loss of the normal spinal curvature in the neck and middle back may place additional stress on the heart and lungs. The actual physical space in which these organs function may become reduced. Maximum function may be compromised and efficiency is lost. Brisk walking used to be easy. Climbing stairs used to be no problem. Now these normal daily activities may leave you out-of-breath. You’re huffing-and-puffing and don’t know what’s happened.

You begin doing aerobic exercises to try to improve cardiovascular function. But the potential benefits are limited by these underlying muscle, ligament, and joint problems. You spend a lot of time exercising but do not seem to be making any improvements.

Chiropractic care may be able to restore more normal functioning. Chiropractic treatment restores mobility to spinal joints. The gentle treatment relieves stress on the spinal muscles and ligaments, which in turn improves spinal range of motion. Muscle tightness eases, pain and stiffness are reduced, and you become more flexible.

Additionally, this improved flexibility allows your chest and rib cage to expand much more fully when you breathe. Your heart and lungs have more room to function, and you can now actually begin to receive the full benefits of your aerobic exercise.

Chiropractic care helps you get fit and stay fit!

1.Pivarnik JM, et al. Effects of maternal aerobic fitness on cardiovascular responses to exercise. Med Sci Sports Exerc 25(9):993-998, 1993. 2.Jackson EM, Dishman RK. Hemodynamic responses to stress among blackk women: fitness and parental hypertension. Med Sci Sports Exerc 34)7):1097-1104, 2002 3.Petrella RJ, et al. Can primary care doctors prescribe exercise to improve fitness? Am J Prev Med 24(4):316-322, 2003

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